And I wouldn’t have to see you every night…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Can’t Drive 55.”

Amneisa – Josh Abbott Band

Wow.  This is one lyric — indeed the entire song — that nearly anyone who’s ever loved can just feel  It conjures images of my first love, of those I’ve loved and lost, and those I’ve always admired but never had a relationship with.  It’s a song that talks easily of those universally understood feelings:  longing, loss, and love.

I think of two people in particular when I hear this song.  (Neither will be named here…I’ve got to keep some sense of dignity after all.)  One is a previous relationship, and one is a relationship that never was.  Both were in my life for a good amount of time and changed me in ways I still cannot truly understand; they made me be a better man.

So why would I think of them to a song titled Amnesia?  Well, because nostalgia is a bear.  And as I’ve said before, I’m quietly emotional, which means sometimes the way song lyrics are written puts images in my head.  Hell, if I actually understood it, I might make some money, right?

I am happy I heard this song though.  It’s one that reminds me that all people have these moments and that we all deal with them in our own way.


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